The Not-So-Secret-Kids-Book

If you’ve been following me at all on any of my Social Medias in the last two and a half years, you know I’ve been steadily working on a children’s picture book all that time. It’s developed the codename ‘Not-So-Secret-Kids-Book’ as I haven’t been able to share full images of my work, but have been too excited about it to not share sneak peeks!

As of this last week I have finally finished my work on this project, and have just finished off the fixing/editing of the scanned images. From here they go off to the author for an excited look, and then off to the publishers.
I’m told there will actually be some printed test-runs that I’ll be able to see by the time I get home from my Honeymoon! I’m super super excited to see it in print, and I will be getting my paws on some copies that I will be allowed to make available to you guys at some point!

For now I am going to take a big sigh, learn how to have spare time again, and then use that spare time to finish off my colouring-in book (workaholics don’t know how to spare time haha)

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