Katrina Young is a Melbourne-based Illustrator. Her artwork spans many mediums and themes but she specializes in portraits and layered colour and pattern silhouettes both with a whimsical and sometimes dark feel. Kat’s likes to challenge herself to tell a whole story in one image – you just have to look hard enough to find the clues. She is heavily influenced by fashion, fiction novels, games, cinematography and her favourite artists.

She started her early career designing theatre posters and book covers, but quickly moved into the popculture world. Her career so far has seen her published in Children’s Books, Official Illustrated Movie Companions, Video Game and Art Magazines, Comic Books and on Living Dead nylon clothing and Novel Covers. She has also taught art in China, is a Signed Stable Artist at ArtBoy Gallery, a Copic Ambassador, and is one of the ‘Popculture Painters’ who are most well-known for doing live painting at PAXAus and Oz ComicCon conventions.