Terms & Conditions

All artwork is copyright to The Artist Kat Young unless otherwise stated.

By purchasing a print or original artwork you are purchasing the physical print or artwork only, and as such you do not have the rights to alter, make copies of, or redistribute that artwork in any way. 

To discuss and purchase redistribution rights please contact The Artist at katrinayoungart@gmail.com.

The Artist reserves the right to create as many print runs or versions of any artwork as she sees fit. Limited edition prints will never be reproduced in the same way again in order to keep the exclusivity intact. However they may be printed in a different context in future.
Prices may change at any time for any number of reasons, and any artwork may be discontinued or removed from the store without notice.
Any information you given when signing up to the mailing list, or purchasing an artwork is kept strictly private and confidential, however may be used to send out surprise prints and gifts ;)