PAXAus 2014 WrapUp

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m still recovering from PAXAus 2014! The weekend was just AMAZING.

For those who don’t know, over the weekend myself and 4 of my artist buddies were live painting! Each night the public would vote on what game we were going to draw or paint a picture from, and then we would have from 10am till 6pm to sketch out paint and complete an entire artwork live in front of everyone!

Photographer: TeamExile5

The three games I got over the weekend were Bioshock, The Last Of Us, and American McGee’s Alice (in that order)

It was so much fun, completely overwhelming how wonderful everyone was. I don’t think I went 10minutes all weekend without someone taking time out of their day to stop and say something nice or even to thank us for creating some ‘zen’ in the ciaos that in PAX. Everyone was so courteous and lovely and chatty.

I had some awesome visitors over the weekend including Captain Patchit, Alice, Booker DeWitt and I found someone wearing a skater dress I flatlaid for Living Dead Clothing!

We were so busy painting and chatting to everyone all weekend that we didn’t even get to check out any of the convention until the end of the second day… Flick and I ducked off to explore the Expo Hall, had a total sensory overload (here is a photo of our experience), and then we understood why everyone was referring to our little painting area as ‘zen.’

I just want to say a massive ***THANKYOU*** to PAX for having us and ESPECIALLY to everyone who dropped by to say hello, or were nice enough to throw any of us a compliment. Your kindness honestly made our weekends. Truly one of the top experiences in my life as an artist.

Photographer: Rebecca Houlden - www.witheverylight.comPhotographer: Rebecca Houlden -

Here’s to making it a bazillion times more fun NEXT YEAR!!

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