Belated Melb Supanova & Free Comic Book Day Shenanigans

It's been a VERY busy couple of months for me! March was all commissions and gearing up for Melbourne Supanova and April was just non-existent all Supanova fun and renovating my new house, then I had a surprise last-minute appearance for Free Comic Book Day that threw me completely for the first week of May. I am just getting back on top of everything and catching up on 2 months worth of sleep!

SOoOoooo without further-a-do, here is a belated recap of Supanova and Free Comic Book Day!

Melbourne Supanova this year was awesome fun, I didn't sleep much for about 3 weeks before because I was too busy making sure I had all the awesome things available! Setting up was really fun as always and I got lots of help from my #1 Minion, Emma! You can actually watch an amusing video of us setting the whole table up in fast forward HERE.

The weekend was full-on, but so great. I had such a good time meeting everyone and chatting! Lots of great feedback and good suggestions for next time too :)
I also got a chance to hang out at the Dark Oz (who I do the occasional comic or cover artwork for) table with the owner DK, and some of the other artists.  

I had some awesome 'Table Minions' for the weekend (thanks Emma, Dan, Casey and Beck) and the girls were nice enough to wear some of my RedBubble leggings for everyone to see/poke at the quality.


Absolutely looking forward to the next convention!! <3 <3

I'd had just enough time to recover some sleep when Classic Comics contacted me inviting me to be involved in their Artist Alley for Free Comic Book Day where the artists draw as many free sketches over the day for as many people as possible. I've never done a FCBD before, but it sounded like a challenge, awesome fun and a great way to give back to the community!  
I spent the week organising special paper for the occasion and making sure I had enough art supplies for the day.

By the time the day rolled around I was panicking that only having around 15mins for each image was not going to be enough time to produce something that was of a quality I was happy with (considering I count a 'quick' artwork as a couple of hours haha) but I was lucky enough to be hanging on the same table as Jeff 'Chumba' Cruz who is a seasoned pro and he totally mentored me in the ways of FCBD :) I was also drawing along side my buddies Chris McQuinlan and Martin Abel so I had a pretty amazing time.

While I wasn't happy with the majority of work I did, everyone receiving the work seemed super excited, so that was good! The best part was just chatting to people I was drawing for. A few people had come in earlier looking for me but missed me, so I left a few sketches in the store for them next time they pop in  :)

Then Classic Comics were awesome enough to shout all the artists' dinner, so hanging out at the corner pub after with all the guys and inhaling pizza was a good conclusion to the day!  I am super keen to do FCBD next year, and I will actually be prepared and know what to expect next time around too!! 

I will be working through my commissions list and moving house this month so I may not have the time for another blog soon, but I will be keeping everyone updated on Facebook! 

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