Melb Oz Comic-Con 2015

So Oz Comic-Con Melbourne has come and gone, I had such a great weekend meeting everyone, stalking Bruce Campbell, and doing some live painting with The Popculture Painters!

So many people came down (both who already knew my work, or people who were discovering my work for the first time) and had wonderful chats with me. Set up for our space ran quite late on the Friday night, and I never had the chance to recover my sleep so I was practically a zombie the whole weekend. Big apologies to anyone my excited ramblings didn’t make sense to (at least when I’m over tired I talk lots instead of zone out haha).

We were really lucky to be placed where we were; our space was fantastic and let people just wander through whenever they wanted and check out what we were doing. Everyone was really encouraging all weekend, and we got lots of positive feedback -everyone seemed to enjoy watching the work evolve each day.

It was kinda fun with people recognising me even on the way to get photos with Bruce Campbell (I hope you found your way to our section, we must’ve been hiding from you earlier in the day haha) also it was REALLY fun cos photos with Bruce Campbell – My Horror Hero! :P :P

Just wanted to say a biiiiiiiig THANKYOU to everyone who popped down over the weekend (or were there in spirit ;) ).Also Thankyou to those who were able to support my art by purchasing a print, and thankyou and WELCOME those who took a card and have found me on the internets :D

And an especially big THANKYOU (!!!!) to Oz Comic-Con for having us!!!

Prints of the works I did over that weekend have gone up in my Online Store (click the ‘Store’ section above) and I will have auctions of the originals up as soon as I have moved house.

REALLY REALLY looking forward to the next one (hopefully Brisbane Oz Comic-Con in September – they’re working out the kinks now and hopefully they can get us there!)

<3 <3 <3

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