PAXAus 2015!

Another year, another PAX Aus with the Popculture Painters!

PAX was even better this year than it was last year (how is that even possible?!) I lost count of how many people came running up to us saying 'I'm so glad you guys are here again!' And 'oh my god I remember you guys from last year! Do we get to vote again??'

For me personally so many people remembered exactly what I painted last year, and so many said they had been following my work since the last PAX. Something I think I mentioned last year -but was just as amazing this year- was how people came up to is just to say thankyou for doing what we were doing and just being really appreciative of us being there. This is something as artists we rarely hear and it's hard to put into words how much it means to a creative heart to hear even once, let alone 20+ times in one weekend!
People seemed to really enjoy the voting this year too with so many people getting really excited they could collaborate with us again (or for the first time). Even coming past several times in the day to check how their chosen game was going in the votes (it got quite competitive!)

We were also SUPER excited to have a chance to be involved in the Child's Play Charity Auction. We all donated an original piece from that weekend each to be auctioned off. All together the 5 works raised $1200AUD. I have even sent more work off with Child’s Play to their Seattle auction! Fingers crossed it can help a little!

We just wanted to say a big big biiiig thankyou from the bottom of our hearts to PAX for having us again. We are always so grateful to be there and they take such good care of us. I don’t even know if they realize how much it means to us (even though we constantly tell them :P) it allows us to do some really fantastic networking (Twitch came up to me asking if they could help promote my channel), gain commission jobs (last year we did so much gaming commissions!) and most importantly meat all of you (It was so awesome seeing all of you again – and make new friends too!)!!!

Just incase we are lucky enough that PAX wants us back again, we're already putting our heads together to come up with more fun things to get you involved in 2016. I promise I will also try to work out a better way of getting your pre-ordered/paid prints to you, rather than rummaging around under the table hahaha.

REMEMBER: If you loved having us there; TELL PAX! The more people who tell them they loved having us there, the more likely that we will be invited back next year!

Incase you missed it, below are the images I painted. You voted for Fallout/Five Nights At Freddy’s/TombRaider.

Thanks so so so much again for the amazing experience! I hope we get to do it all again next year!

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