KatArt 2015 Wrap Up!

2015 has been amazing to me! Looking back over the year I have managed to accomplish a fair bit, I think, and a lot of it is thanks to you guys. Here are some of the things I’ve been lucky enough to experience this year:
-I got to do more clothing designs for Living Dead Clothing, and got to see people wear those designs with excitement!
-I got to design a few different novel covers (novel covers are what I always wanted to do growing up) 
-I got to HOLD and READ a physical copy of one of those novels, and lots of the reviews so far have favourably mentioned my cover design!
-Speaking of books, I got to continue my work on the Not-So-Secret-Kids-Book, which is now going on a 2yrs project with some of the best work I think I have ever done. I’m close to finishing now (only 8 pictures to go!) and am super excited to finally be able to share it with you in (hopefully depending on the author and publisher) 2016!
-I got to do some fun work with some Aussie game creators on some games, looking forward to seeing the final products in the future!!
-You guys convinced me to start a YouTube Channel, which I haven’t updated as much as I probably should, but I have really enjoyed making timelapse videos of my work for you!
-I got published in the Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature (and the physical book is gorgeous) 
-On my birthday my partner and I got the keys to our new house, and we got Engaged! We were sooo busy this year that it only took 10months for us to get around to having our Engagement Party.
-I was invited by Melbourne Polytechnic (previously NMIT when I Went there) to give a talk to the students doing my old course. Later in the year I was invited to be a part of Melb Politech’s 20 Years of Illustration Exhibition, which celebrated ex-students from the last 20yrs of the course who went on to be successful in the Illustration world – wow!
-I was invited by Classic Comics to be a part of the All Stars section of their Free Comic Book Day. I got to draw with the likes of Jeff ‘Chumba’ Cruz, Martin Abel and Chris McQuinlan. I also had people coming specifically to meet me!
-Speaking of comics – I got to be in more DarkOz comics, and later in the year I was invited to do an Artist Signing at the DarkOz booth at AMCExpo which was apparently important enough for AMC to mention on their website. When I arrived there were people waiting so I could sign their comics, which was so surreal!
-I tried my hand a wall mural painting for the first time (in my house!)
-I and the rest of the Popculture Painters were invited to do live painting at Oz ComicCon. They gave us an amazing space, and I had such an amazing time! I even got to meet one of my favourite people – Bruce Campbell.
-My Fiancé and I finished renovating and got to move into the new house. I finally had a space to myself to work in - I’ve never had a proper Studio before – and had a heap of fun setting it all up!
- I got to put my PaperCut work up in Little Buddy Café on their gallery wall, they have taken such good care of me, and my work sold out so quickly I had to rush to get a bunch of new work done and printed to fill the space again for the rest of the time they wanted my work there!  
-I sold out in ArtBoy Gallery, which prompted me to do some new PaperCut work, taking my PaperCut animals into the city. I was worried it wouldn’t work as well as my original PaperCut work, but they came out even better than I expected. EVEN better printed on huge canvas!
-I finally got around to participating in Inktober!
-You guys convinced me to check out Twitch, and I had an absolute BLAST live streaming and meeting lots of new amazing people over the last few months.
-The Future came… but there were no Hoverboards :(
-I was on the news on TV for PAXAus. They had footage of me painting from the year before.
-Myself and the Popculture Painters were invited back to PAXAus to do live painting. It was even better than 2014!!!
-the Popculture Painters and I got to participate in Penny Arcades Childs Play Auction and we collectively raised $1200 for the charity.
-My application to be a RAW Artist was accepted, and I get to participate in my first RAW Showcase in Feb!
-I started designing and drawing a KatArt Colour-In Book, because you guys asked for it! And I’ve been LOVING it!
-and to top it all off I am already fully booked until September 2016 with work.
Many of these experiences were offered to me because of your support, and I can’t thank you enough! I’m really looking forward to what 2016 has to offer!!!

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