Old Markers, New Tricks! (re-learning Copic Markers with new-found knowledge)

So there’s been a particular art product that I’ve used for years that I’ve neglected over the last year and a bit…. Mostly because when I moved house I put them in a safe place so I wouldn’t lose them (and of course I still haven’t found them!!)

That product being Copic Markers. I’d almost learnt to get around not using them until I came across Copic’s Multiliners (probably my favourite lining pens now – particularly the wine colour *drools*) in a store and remembered how much I’d loved using the Copic brand. I used the Multiliners for almost every artwork, and everytime I kept thinking 'I need to go find my markers!!!'  

Eventually I got around to having a pretty good look around the house or my old stash to no avail, so I bit the bullet and bought new ones – AND BOY I’M GLAD I DID!!! It’s actually VERY interesting coming back to something you used to use habitually, after a long break. I actually think it’s done me good, let me explain;

Over the time I had not relied on them I had learnt new ways of colouring things, new ways of thinking about colour, and new ways of layering. Things I probably would not have learned if I could’ve just fallen back on what I already knew worked. Coming back to Copic Markers after this time was interesting. Initially I fell back on my old ways of colouring with them, and upon finishing realized just how much my work had matured in style since then. It was really jarring to produce something that now seemed subpar to me.
I sat back and analyzed what was not working for me in this image in relation to my current work, and then decided to try again. This time I used them as I had learned to use paint and ink, and I was really happy with the finished artwork this time. It has texture and a depth of colour the last one (my old style) was missing, GREAT!

And now that I’ve discovered these new ways of using Copic Markers, I’m addicted all over again! I am still experimenting with what else they can do when I think outside the box, so expect to see new completed works this year created in Copics! I’m so excited to see what I create!

If there's something you used to use but haven't in a while, try going back to it and applying new knowledge! You'll be surprised!


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